Dave Parker has been a photographer for more than 40 years. He first started off small, taking photos while he was at car shows or family vacations as a hobbyist. When he was in the Army, he spent $500 on a Nikon camera then toured Europe, practicing shots within 10 countries and 35 major cities. He spent a lot of time delving into the understanding of making the best use of lighting in any environment, particularly with night time shoots. He continued to build his skill set over the next ten years in various types of shoots, ranging from weddings to scenic shots.

In the early 90s, he began heavily doing car show shoots. He’d shoot 100 or more shows every single year, with photographs from the initial lineup all the way to departure of the attendees. He’s worked with many large clubs and events, ranging from the Burbank Road Kings, the LA Roadster Show, the Boys Republic “The Friends of Steve McQueen”, Benedict Castle, to the San Marino Motor Classic. His easily recognizable roadster flames shirt is a byproduct of his constant attendance to shows across the country. His attendance wasn’t limited solely to car shows, however. He’s traveled across the country to take shots of the American landscapes and livelihood. From the red deserts of Arizona to the coast of New England, Dave has captured the beauty of what America has to offer.

You can enjoy 40+ years of self-taught photography talent throughout the website. All of his photos are available in a variety of artistic mediums.

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